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Baggage scanner radiation is harmful to our bodies or not

Le 21 May 2015, 10:07 dans Humeurs 0

Each time when you go to the airport, bus station or railway station, you ought to pass the security inspection. During the progress, metal detector for sale will emit radiation so that we will be radiated. As we all know, energy from the environment surrounding us can be taken in our body. Therefore, many people are not sure and worried whether the radiation released by airport luggage scanner is bad to our body. Let's find out the answer right now.

At the beginning, we need to know a truth that only high radiation will cause health problem. Until now, there is nothing that can provide evidence that low levels of radiation will lead to health problem. Nobody can prove that a certain cause and effect relationship with any human beings health problem will be made by exposure to an airport X ray scanner. According to a latest study carried out last year, people can stand merely a certain amount of one million Sievert which is a very high radiation level you will never get in all your life. Various kind of security apparatus can make different amount of baggage scanner radiation exposure when it is used. In a general way, if the baggage scanner price is higher, the lower radiation will be released. Only little radiation is released by the baggage scanner we use, so you don't need to worry that baggage scanner radiation will be harmful to our health.

In addition, in modern society the X Ray baggage scanner on sales radiation can be reduced by technology. In any case, you need to believe in technology, which will help us to reduce the amount of baggage scanner radiation. What's more, most of us will not expose ourselves to the airport x ray scanner frequently since then we don't need to be afraid. If you are still worried about the possible risks of airport X ray scanner, let's keep in mind that with development of technology, level of radiation released from airport X ray scanner will be lower and lower. But for those travelers who fly many times for business requirement so that they are required to go through the airport X ray scanner frequently, they may be bothered by radiation problems.

Last but not least, to keep healthy, we can do exercises. A Lot of people have the misapprehension that once we exposed to radiation, it cannot be removed any more. In fact we can keep fit by doing sports. Even though our body can take in radiation, we can release energy as well. So, just do some exercises with a pleasant mood; your health problem will get better and better.

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Introduction about Multi-Function Under Vehicle Search Kit

Le 14 May 2015, 10:18 dans Humeurs 0

Multi-function under vehicle search kit was only used by baggage x ray machine in the past. We never thought that we can use multi-function under vehicle search kit for vehicle detection in our daily life? However, this imagination has realized in modern society. Right here I will have a brief introduction about multi-function under vehicle search kit used in modern society.

First of all, let's learn the components of multi-function under vehicle search kit. Generally speaking, the multi-function under vehicle search kit consists of a flexible trolley, a LCD screen for viewing images, and a color camera with IR sensors. Designed with these components, the video search kit converts from a single-use tool to a multi-purpose search system depending on x ray baggage scanner.

What's more, multi-function under vehicle search kit has developed so many benefits. One benefit I have to say is this under vehicle video search kit has applied versatile and tactical search technology for both day and night operations. That is to say, you can use it in both daytime and nighttime. Furthermore, multi-function under vehicle search kit has great flexibility. Users don't have to bend down on their hands and knees to view places underneath vehicles. While sometimes, it may need you to get down on your knees to search for the deepest place. It can work under a temperature from -10 C degree to +50 degree. Gross weight of whole case is about 14KG. As for its light sensitivity, a luggage inspection located next to the lens of the camera can sense the amount of light. If the amount of light is too low, then IR (infrared radiation) lights will be activated and the camera will automatically switch color to black and white.

Last but not least, it has been applied to numerous situations and scenarios. This portable multi-function under vehicle search kit can not only be used for searching hidden objects in ceiling, but also can be applied for searching places under vehicle by connecting with a trolley. You can find its extensive usage in hotel receptions, markets as well as other vehicle parking areas. 

Because of the user-friendly components, unique and versatile benefits and variety of application, multi-functional under vehicle search kit has become a premium search device for users. If you are interested in this multi-function under metal detector door , you can visit for more information. It is a specialized detecting equipment manufacturer which offers you high quality product at the best price!